Lockdown Time Capsule Project

Worried about the kids going back to the classroom in September? Try our Summer holiday project which has been designed to support families start conversations about going back to school under new circumstances. Your children will be encouraged to think about things they enjoy at school and things they want to remember from lockdown. They will have a memento to keep, made all by themselves, of this unusual Summer!

Here’s what to do: follow the instructions (left) and watch the how-to videos below for more help. If your school is involved in the project, you will get a certificate on your return to school in September. If your school isn’t involved, just contact us with a picture of your Lockdown Time Capsule and we will pop a certificate in the post for you.


Choose a large jar and decorate it with seeds and grasses to make your capsule.
Measure your lockdown height with string.
Cut out a template of your hands. On the first one, write lockdown memories on your fingers. On the other hand, write about what you want to do when you go back to school.
Can you make your class friends from stones?? Choose stones to make your class and draw your friends’ faces on them. You can even draw your teacher!
Now make a sticker for your classroom, try out different slogans: keep safe, keep smiling! no trouble with a bubble 🙂 – we’re sure you can think of your own great ideas too.
Watch Bekah make grass ink, ready to make a label for your capsule. Blackberries or mud also work well to make ink. When you have your label, tie it to your Lockdown Time Capsule Jar.