Covid 19 Response

During the Covid 19 Pandemic our work took on on a new relevance. With anxiety levels high, parents juggling home schooling and and people being denied opportunities to be outside, we felt that there was a need for the calmness that creativity and being in nature brings.

We got to work redesigning how how art projects are delivered – we are now able to go virtual! We published many more of our projects on social media during lockdown and were able to engage people with online videos. We can support you to create your own amazing art projects virtually, via bespoke tutorial videos or face to face in a Covid Secure manner. Please get in touch to find out more and read below about our lockdown projects.

Firstly, we designed a set of nature art challenges for children and families to enjoy, getting them outside and looking at nature as well as giving them a creative outlet. You can can see more information on our “Try This At Home” section, accessible from the homepage.

Working with Clarion Futures we were funded to supply a creative pack to 5 schools across Norfolk. The children were challenged to learn about birds and their nesting habits and then to have a go at creating their own mini nests, home to their fantasy bird. The project was designed to be an antidote to the high anxiety levels being experienced by families and children, allowing them to get outside and to to have fun learning in a creative way.

We had a marvelous response to the project and are are delighted to the working with Norwich Castle Museum who have agreed to exhibit the children’s work in some form…………. Watch this space!

Again, kindly sponsored by Clarion Futures, we developed a Summer holiday project allowing families to start the conversation about returning to school. Children have been challenged to create a Lockdown Time Capsule – find more details on our homepage.

Many thanks to the Arts Council England Covid Emergency Response Fund which allowed us to develop an online and virtual provision of arts activities.

To find out how we can help you enjoy community based arts projects in a post-covid world, please get in touch.