Clarion Nest Series – what makes a good home and a safe space to live?

20190608_124901Over the Summer of 2019 we were given an exciting commission to explore the idea of safe spaces and safe communities whilst working with schools in the Norwich and North Norfolk area.  Funded by Clarion futures, the project allowed children to work with us to create a giant nest sculpture for their school and make comments about what makes them feel safe at home.  We got some lovely comments: “I feel safe with my mum,”. ” My favourite place in the house is my bed, I feel safe and snug there.”. “We have good walls and a good roof, that keeps the bad weather out,”.  Thank you to Rackheath, Sparhawk and Catton Grove schools for working with us, as well as Angel Road Nursery.  We also built nests with the Aylsham Cluster at their family learning events.